About Last Saturday night...This is The 'Snow Report'

We arrived at "Ziggy's Annual Halloween Party" Saturday night - costume-clad and ready for a Party. Since there's a little extra "dressing time" required on Halloween...it's understandable why many of the unique costumes would arrive later in the evening, and quite a few were coming from Hauntfest on Fifth Street - where with the awesome weather, the crowd was Huge. In fact, the contest winning couple who were covered wit...h $20 bills from head to toe...arrived from Hauntfest on a Harley-Davidson.
We enjoyed the company of many friends, including some that we haven't seen in awhile...while savoring the wonderful cocktails prepared by their expert bartenders: Heather and Melissa. Many are quickly discovering why Ziggy's is "Dayton's Best Kept Dance Club Secret". Even the "Little Beer Girls" were there (from Columbus) distributing complimentary drinks made with Licor 43.
But...It was the Pirate-costume wearing members of the Night Reign band that made the night. Having heard this quartet comprised of seasoned veterans, of the Dayton Rock scene before, I have never heard them sound better. The setlist was amazingly diverse, and the sound was perfect...while kept at enjoyable level - despite not having a sound man. Guitarists Mark Crain and Chuck Drake were superb all-night, as were the brothers Jim on bass and Rick Maxwell on drums. The band's vocals were outstanding...Chuck was particularly exceptional. From the Classic rock tunes to KC and The Sunshine Band's "Boogie Shoes" to the smartly chosen ballads - Marcia and I loved Night Reign's Complete Performance !
Ziggy's 2014 Halloween Party was another Huge Fun Success~ and will certainly maintain their title as "Dayton's Finest Halloween Costume Party" !!!